Tuesday, 17 May 2011

SALCTG training course in June...Sign up now!

Keep calm and…carry on?

NLS, Thursday June 2nd 2011

A one-day workshop for professionals of both middle and senior status, led by Larraine Cooper of The Larian Consultancy.
This one-day workshop is for all professional staff, whether they have line management responsibilities or not. It focuses on getting in touch with the core business of library services, and assessing how to make the most effective use of time and deployment of staff towards prioritised tasks. Larraine Cooper has run courses for CILIP for many years as well as working with SALCTG in the past. 
If you’ve attended any of her sessions, then you’ll know that they are always practically based and Larraine always leaves you with lots to think about!
Cost:  £120 (SALCTG members) or £130 (non-members)
Bookings to: Dawn Lindsay (Dawn.Lindsay@sac.ac.uk)