Friday, 14 December 2012

Managing Student Behaviour: a course for library staff

Managing Student Behaviour

Friday 1st February 2013
Library & Learning Centre, University of Dundee
Cost:  £50 (SALCTG members) or £60 (non-members)

As library and learning spaces evolve to include cafes, social and collaborative spaces, is it still necessary to set boundaries for student behaviour? How can we address potential problems in a positive way and ensure the library is still an appropriate place for learning?
Ash’s 1 day workshop will provide techniques for managing potentially disruptive behaviour, dealing with difficult situations and resolving conflict.  Always a very popular course leader, Ash’s workshop will be of use to all members of the library team.

Please contact Susan Reid if you would like to book a place or have any questions.

s.c.reid 'at'