Friday, 21 June 2013

SALCTG Research Support Workshop Presentations

Colin Bovaird is happy to report a successful outcome for the recent SALCTG Research Support Workshop, and we thought it would be nice to share the presentations with you.  Congratulations to Colin on a great day!

Research support: new roles, new responsibilities

University of Glasgow Library

18 June 2013

Dr Birgit Plietzsch spoke about 'RDM within Research Computing Support'

Valerie McCutcheon spoke about 'Open Access - Responding to Stakeholder Needs'

John MacColl spoke about 'Aggregating Responsibility for Research Collections' 

Joy Davidson spoke about 'Data Management Planning: an Introduction'


Moira Bent gave a presentation entitled, 'Facilitating Informed Research: Old Wine in New Bottles'

Antony Brewerton spoke about 'Supporting Research: new Opportunities for 'subject librarians''

Antony Brewerton "Supporting research: new opportunities for 'subject librarians'" SALCTG June 2013 from SALCTG

Helen Muir spoke about the role of a research support librarian:- 


Monday, 17 June 2013

SALCTG meets CSPG (Customer Services Practitioners Group)

What are we for?  What are we doing?

Karen has been honing her PowerPoint skills to give a pecha kucha presentation on SALCTG's behalf, at the forthcoming Customer Services Practitioners Group meeting at Glasgow Caledonian University on Thursday 20th June.  Timed transitions?  Visible countdowns?  Nothing to it!  (Read more...)

Here's the link to the presentation itself: