Thursday, 24 April 2014

Forthcoming SALCTG plenary

RGU Library Tower. Photo courtesy of Robert Gordon University
SALCTG representatives have just been circulated with details of the next plenary meeting which will take place on Thursday, 15th May at Robert Gordon University. One of the agenda items is always "Future Courses" - what would you like us to do? Let your SALCTG rep know before the plenary so that your ideas can be fed into the discussion. Alternatively, leave a comment below or tweet @SALCTG - we're open to suggestions from all.

It's also time to report that Colin Bovaird, longstanding rep from St Andrews and former Treasurer, has stood down from the group. Thanks to Colin for his service - he'll be greatly missed. The group extends a very warm welcome to his successor, Aileen Cook, and looks forward to working with her.