Thursday, 4 December 2014

We heard about a Digital Preservation Course in London (UKEIG)

This is not a course being run by SALCTG, but it might be of interest to SALCTG reps' constituent members.  From the publicity email just received:-
The Digital Preservation Training Programme is pleased to announce the next dates for our new course, ‘DPTP: An Introduction to Digital Preservation’ to be delivered on 19th - 20th January 2015.

Course Overview: This entry-level two-day long course is aimed at complete beginners who wish to learn more about the field. It is ideal for starters in all disciplines who want to know more about digital preservation. The course is very much a starting point, focussed on raising awareness and familiarising participants with the main subject areas and trends around digital preservation. We aim to give those attending a good grounding in digital preservation so that they can feel confident in tackling further reading afterwards and engaging with practical follow-up training and/or experience on their own behalf. Our course complements the regular Digital Preservation Coalition Event “Getting Started in Digital Preservation”, and has been devised in full co-operation with the DPC.  Read more HERE.

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