It is intended that the group be run flexibly and informally following the guidelines set out below.
1.    Aims.  The aims of the group are:-
a.    To identify common training and development needs of library personnel and to organize courses, seminars, conferences, visits, exchanges, etc., in response to these needs;
b.    To support the framework for Continuing Professional Development initiated by [CILIP’s forerunner] The Library Association, and to cooperate, where appropriate, with such other bodies, institutions or groups engaged in the provision of training and education for librarianship;
c.    To fund the cooperative acquisition and/or development of training aids, publications and other materials deemed of value to the Group’s membership;
d.    To maintain a union list of, and to facilitate access to, the training aids, materials and expertise of member libraries;
e.    To support, as appropriate, any initiative which will foster cooperation in staff development and training within academic libraries in Scotland.

2.    Membership

Membership of the group is open to those libraries whose institution is funded by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council, the National Library of Scotland and those libraries of other institutions of higher education deemed appropriate by the membership of the Group.

One representative of each member library is invited to attend the plenary meetings of the group.

3.    Meetings
There shall be a minimum of one plenary meeting of the group each year.  It is, however, expected that there will normally be two or three such meetings each year.
Each plenary meeting shall plan the nature and content of forthcoming events.  Events will only enter the planning stage if a majority of members present support them.  Support for future events implies support for these events once they are advertised.
The organization of courses, visits etc shall be carried out by volunteers from within the membership of the group, or by persons appointed by the group.
Each plenary meeting shall determine the location of the next meeting.
4.    Officers
There shall be three officers: a Convenor, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  The officers shall be elected by a plenary meeting and shall bear office for two years, starting on 1st January.
5.    Funding
Each member library shall pay an annual subscription to cover essential running costs.  The amount of the subscription will be periodically reviewed by the group.
In principle, the course, visits, etc, organized by the group shall be self-financing.  Any profit that the group accrues shall be used to the benefit of the membership in the form of subsidies for courses, the purchase of training materials or any other form agreed by the group.
In order to underwrite the cost of the production of training aids and other materials, members of the group may from time to time be asked to pay additional sums of money over and above the annual subscription fee.
 February 2015

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